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From 7th to 9th September 2018 there was a National Eucharistic Congress held in Liverpool under the title ‘Adoremus.’

This means ‘Let us adore’ and invites us to renew and deepen our faith in, and devotion towards, the presence of the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist – both in the celebration of the Mass and in adoration and prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. 

The Eucharist is the centre, the source and summit,’ of the Church’s life and worship.

The National Eucharistic Congress is an encouragement to all of us, in the words of St John Paul II, to ‘rekindle our Eucharistic amazement,’ to realise again the immense gift we have been given. 

The Diocese of Westminster Education Service hope that this is a time to make our (local clergy and schools) Eucharistic journey together, deepening our love for Jesus in the Mass and in the Blessed Sacrament, so as to be strengthened to go out in joyful witness and compassionate service to our neighbour and to the world.

Autumn 2 2018   

'O come let us adore him

Theme: Spiritual Food
Stage of spiritual development: Encounter


Dom Bernard visited Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School on Tuesday 18th December to talk to the children about the Adoration and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.


Each class visited the Prayer Room.

The focus of the Prayer Room is The Eucharistic Journey, with posters of The Last Supper (used in the Art Competition earlier this year).

The classes reflected on the Last Supper and took part in an activity
‘Assembling a Prayer Chain.’

This activity reminds us as a people of the Eucharist, we must remember to pray for others.

This is especially relevant as we had our CAFOD workshops (Y2, Y4 & Y6) recently on Refugees and the Mini Vinnies are raising money for the charity Passage, which supports the homeless.

The classes said a prayer entitled, ‘Praying a Eucharistic Prayer’, as part of our learning about Adoremus.

Classes also took a moment to think about the Book of Names gathered in November, to remember our loved ones who have died.

Key Vocabulary:

  • Benediction
  • Divine Praises
  • Blessed Sacrament
  • Altar
  • Tabernacle
  • Monstrance
  • Divine
  • Transubstantiation 

Key dates:

World Day of the Poor
(18th November)


Luke 22:

No-one eats the flesh without first adoring it.

- St Augustine

  ‘Praying a Eucharistic Prayer’ 

Dear Jesus, (hands joined in prayer)

We are happy that you love all your people (hands joined in prayer)

We thank you very much (arms spread out)

For giving yourself to us in Communion (heads bowed)

When we leave the church, please come with us (‘‘come with us’’ gesture)

So we can remember your words and deeds (touch head)

And try to help all those around us in need (‘‘reaching out’’ gesture)

May we follow you always, dear Jesus (walk in place)

Amen (hands joined in prayer)