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Reception   Mrs Gallagher

Click here for the "Welcome to Reception" power-point presentation September 2020

The Early Learning Goals - what a child in Reception is expected to be able to do by the end of their time in Reception.

 Websites for children to use at home to help with their learning (click on each link)
  SpellingShed MC Grammar songs   Oxford Owl Username: mrsgallgher Password: Olol2019! Teach Your Monster To ReadPhonicsplay GoNoodleNumBots EYFS Science experiments Daily Phonics Learning-NEW!Letter formation rhymes 

Learning in Reception (December 2020)

(November 2020)

The children in Reception have been learning various skills this term.  This includes threading pasta onto string to develop fine motor skills and making toast to encourage independence, learn about staying safe and again, develop fine motor skills by spreading and cutting.  They have also enjoyed learning for a purpose and have been have been using lar​ge cardboard boxes to make their own role play - deconstructed role play. Children have made cars, houses, castles, pirate ships and much more!


Remembrance Day- Poppies:

The children in Early Years have been learning through role play and writing for a purpose.  The children have been busy washing up to get their home corner ready for visitors!  This promoted lots of talk of their own experiences of washing at home, developing their vocabulary and also supporting hand eye coordination and arm strength.  The children have also organised resources and planned their own pirate ship.  They had to exchange ideas and create their own stories.  The children have also built a bug house using great team work and written shopping lists!